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"Was tired of the LinkedIn Recruiter DMs. Refreshing to only be contacted on Flywheel by guys who walk the walk. Moved industries and states because I liked the opportunity so much."
Vincente P.
Head of Product
Chem Production PortCo


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Questions Operators Ask Us

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What is the difference between Flywheel and LinkedIn or an Executive Recruiter?

Flywheel was created to streamline the hiring process between Investment Firms, Portfolio Companies, and High-Growth companies needing functional experts to help facilitate that growth. Because of such high stakes (i.e. investors money), every operator and hiring firm is approved with great scrutiny, making sure the talent pool as well as available opportunities are strictly high-leverage experts in each respective industry.

What type of Operators are accepted onto the platform?

We don't want to box any specific type of operator in based on years experience or other milestones (i.e. sale of a company), but we do ensure there is a level of expertise that can be valued and utilized by investment firms looking to scale their portfolio companies to new heights.

Typical attributes of an 'approved operator' will have some type of leadership role in their prior company, an extremely strong understanding of a certain aspect of a business, an exit or multiple exits of their previous companie(s), and more.

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How long are the contracts for with the portfolio companies?

Contracts can last for 3 months to 10 years. There are no set 'rules', as it is determined by Portfolio Companies' needs, as well as your preferences. If given access, you are able to set all preferences so Firms are initially aware before engaging further.

How do I join as an Operator?

If your skillset is aligned with what investment firms require to grow companies, have the functional and leadership expertise, and are actively or passively looking for a new, challenging role to excel in, Request Access.

I want to be added to the talent pool, what are the costs associated with it?

There are no costs associated with being an Operator on our platform. No access fees, no contract percentages, nothing. Our value is providing firms with high performing individuals to help grow portfolio companies, which means our greatest asset is you!

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