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"Working with Flywheel completely shifted how we grow PortCos"
- Anon
Director@MN Search Fund
"This will be a 9-figure company if they can deliver what we got to every Buy-Side firm"
- Nola W.
Sr. Associate@ CA Industrial PE
"One key hire we've used across each company and he's a rockstar"
- Hank C.
VP@IL VC Consortium
"Hired a Sales wizard to get our consumer companies into shape, would've hunted for a year if we didn't have flywheel"
- Tim B.
Director@NYC LMM Retail Fund
"Was lucky to find an expert in the exact area we needed help in, wasn't even expecting to hire someone until we started browsing, things just clicked."
- Leonor G.
Sr. Director@OH-Based First Time Fund
"Few start-ups can provide this much value off the bat"
- Marissa R.
Managing Partner @IL Based FoF
"Changing the way we do hiring."
- Tom D.
Partner @LA-Based Mez. Fund

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Find vetted, functional experts in every industry.
Hire Operators that can scale your Portfolio Company quicker, spending less time verifying their experience, all while maximizing Return on Invested Capital

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Questions We've Been Asked

Do I need to make job postings?

Make job postings at the portfolio company level or at the Firm level. If you are passively browsing for your next key hire, you can scroll through the available experts at your discretion and invite them to a call when the time is right.

What about exclusivity?

Whether you need to contract the Operator for a 6 month sprint, or a 4 year turnaround, it is fully up to you in how you hire, who you hire, and why.

How much does it cost?

Flywheel charges a one-time access fee and a minimal subscription fee thereafter. For more information on pricing, Request Access

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