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“Our network is only full of so many people. We needed a Head of Ops quickly for a SaaS company we acquired, and were surprised at how quick the whole process was. New tool in our Hiring Manager's tool belt for sure.”
Byron H.
Director @LMM PE

Common Questions

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How is this different from a traditional recruiter?

Traditional recruiters can take over a year in their search and charge archaic, exorbitant fees. Flywheel enables your team to actively or passively browse for your next functional expert to begin scaling your acquisition faster.

How do I know the available talent pool is worth signing up for?

Our value stems directly from the quality of parties on either side, which is why we have strict standards for who we allow on our platform. Every party (Firm or Operator) must go through an approval process that includes a gating call and verification of motivation for use of the platform.

Can I hire more than one Operating Executive?

No matter the plan selected, Firms hire an unlimited amount of Operating talent for any of your portfolio companies.

I'm an experienced Operator, how do I join your platform?

To join Flywheel and begin working with Investment Firms and their Portfolio Companies (or simply browsing opportunities passively), you must request access to the platform, where you will have a brief onboarding with a member of our team, to ensure your skillset matches the expertise that investor-backed companies expect.

I want to be added to the talent pool, what are the costs associated with it?

As an Operator, there are no costs associated with being on the platform. We give you exclusive access to individuals and opportunities that may not be found with other headhunters or typical job application websites.

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