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Where is Private Equity Money Going During 2023?

As we approach 2023, there are many significant industry areas to which private equity (PE) investors should pay close attention. These industries have tremendous development potential and excellent returns on investment, not only historically but throughout the future, based on sector trends and market sentiment.

Technology is one obvious area to keep a consistent temperature check on. As companies continue to digitally adapt their workforce and automated capabilities, there is a rising need for software solutions and services in nearly every discipline. This trend may be capitalized on by PE firms investing in software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses, cloud computing providers, and technology-driven startups that make the lives and margins of their respective target markets.

Healthcare is another industry that will not be disappearing anytime soon (that is, until Elon’s Neuralink is fully functional). The aging population and continuous medical technology breakthroughs are fueling development in this industry beyond what any surface level trend could provide. Investing in telemedicine, medical gadgets, and biotech firms will be the best use of investor capital to participate in these areas of growth.

The renewable energy industry is another predicted to expand heavily in 2023. As the globe moves toward a low-carbon economy, there is a greater need for renewable energy sources, and since there is no core alternative that exists, innovation will be the primary driver of this growth, which is precisely where we foresee private equity moving towards.

Finally, the e-commerce and logistics industry is predicted to be a key growth area for PE investors in 2023 and beyond. PE firms will capitalize on the rise of people appreciating their comfort and convenience of at-home shopping, and will continue targeting projects advancing the e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain management markets, whether it is through younger innovative teams or behemoths that are pushing their industry forward by brute force.

In general, private equity investors will continue to capitalize on these high-growth industries over the next 2-3 years based on what we have seen with our large sample size. PE firms are consistently seeking high-impact investments, especially ones within sectors with industry tailwinds looking to evolve their industry.

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