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Top Private Equity Deals of September 2022

Top Private Equity Deals of September 2022

Private Equity deals handpicked by our team to have longevity, strong fundamentals, an intelligent executive team, and growth-oriented investors. If you're looking at the future of each respective industry, these are the companies to pay attention to. If you're a functional expert looking to get involved with mature startups like the ones listed below, get in touch to see if you're a fit to join our Flywheel.

Blue Point and Riverside Invest in Retail Merchandising firm Siffron

Based in Twinsburg, Ohio, Bluepoint (1.5bn AUM) invests in Siffron, which provides retail merchandising fixtures and product display solutions. The local presence of Blue Point and Riverside undoubtedly attributed to the push to acquire this, not only in their brand name, but their value-add being so ever-present in midwestern states shows how they are capable of taking Siffron to the next level. Siffron’s growth did slow briefly (yet expectedly) during covid-19 due to the reduction and limitation of in-person shopping, but is taking on a new wave of corporate contracts and will scale with the guidance of Fabrizio Valentini acting as President and CEO of Siffron.


Stonepeak to Acquire Intrado’s Safety Business for $2.4bn

At $2.4bn Intrado has parted ways with its safety wing, which provides critical public emergency telecommunication services.

“Intrado’s Safety business represents an attractive opportunity to invest behind critical telecommunications infrastructure that underpins access to 911, a public good in the U.S., through its extremely high-quality network, central positioning within the emergency response chain, and long-term customer relationships,” said Stonepeak Senior Managing Director, James Wyper. “We are keen to support the next phase of important work Intrado’s experienced Safety team is undertaking to further enhance and grow this backbone infrastructure that helps keep employees, customers, students, and communities safe.”

Intrado is currently a portfolio company of Apollo Global Management.


Slate Asset Management Acquires Significant Minority Stake in Roswall Development Inc.

 Slate Asset Management, which invests in real assets in North America, has invested in Roswall, a renewable energy company based in Nova Scotia. Slate is committing to the outlook of renewables in the foreseeable future throughout North America, The investment enables Roswall to continue the growth of wind development, introductions to key relationships and expertise, and further reach its goal of 100% clean renewable energy for its customers. Roswall has been leading the renewable effort across Canada and is an excellent partner to attribute growth and takeover market share in the industry.

 Slate is an active investor in sustainable assets and technologies that advance the global energy transition and enable cities and communities to reach their carbon emission reduction goals.


Granite Creek Capital Partners Announces Investment in Odyssey Aviation U.S.

Chicago-based Granite Creek Capital Partners has invested in Odyssey Aviation, provides fuel, hangar rental, aircraft de-icing, and other services to private aviation customers and air cargo operators to airports across various states.

In conjunction with Granite Creek’s investment in Odyssey, Granite Creek partners Mark Radzik and Jim Clark will join its board of directors.

Salvatore Calvino, CEO, leads Odyssey, and Ken Allison, President, deeply experienced executives with decades of combined experience in the FBO industry and aviation services. Granite Creek’s investment will help strengthen Odyssey’s existing service offerings, support the growth of the operating team, and facilitate the company’s continued expansion in existing and new geographies.

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