How to Hire a CRO for Your Early-Stage Venture Capital Firm's Portfolio Company

As an early-stage venture capital company, one of your most essential investments is in a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) for your portfolio firms. A CRO is in charge of increasing revenue growth and optimizing sales and marketing initiatives. Finding the proper CRO, on the other hand, may be a difficult endeavor, particularly for organizations with limited resources. In this blog article, we will look at the benefits of employing a CRO, the hurdles involved, and the best options available for early-stage venture capital organizations.

Why Employ a CRO?

The key rationale for hiring a CRO is to promote revenue development for your portfolio company. A CRO has the knowledge and expertise to create and implement sales and marketing strategies that will boost revenue and profitability. They may also assist your portfolio firms in identifying new market possibilities, improving client acquisition and retention, and optimizing pricing and packaging tactics.

Challenges in Hiring a CRO:

Employing a CRO has its issues. Finding the appropriate applicant with the correct experience and skill set is one of the most difficult tasks. Many early-stage venture capital companies lack the means to hire a full-time CRO, making it difficult to recruit excellent personnel. Furthermore, the CRO function is continually growing, and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to employing a CRO.

Options for Hiring a CRO:

There are various choices available for early-stage venture capital organizations wanting to recruit a CRO. Let's take a closer look at some of these possibilities.

Option 1: Use a Conventional Executive Search Firm

One alternative is to hire a standard executive search company to recruit a CRO for your portfolio companies. Nevertheless, these organizations often charge hefty fees and may not have the same amount of knowledge in the CRO field as other possibilities. Moreover, executive search agencies sometimes emphasize candidates with large names and prominent credentials who may lack the skills needed to execute the precise sales and marketing strategies required for early-stage portfolio companies.

Option 2: Employ a Fractional CRO

Another alternative is to engage a fractional CRO, who works part-time and is often less expensive than a full-time CRO. Fractional CROs can be a useful choice for early-stage organizations that require CRO expertise but don't have the funds for a full-time employee. Yet, fractional CROs may not be as committed in your company's long-term success as a full-time CRO and may lack the bandwidth to execute on large-scale growth strategy.

Option 3: Utilize a Service Like Flywheel

The most popular alternative for early-stage venture capital firms looking to engage a CRO is to use a service like Flywheel. Flywheel was founded by two former private equity investors who had the similar challenge in finding top-tier CROs for their portfolio firms. Flywheel's service includes rigorous screening and curation of operating executives to guarantee they can develop a company in the way that investors want, as well as assistance in selecting and certifying the candidate for the particular job required.

The Hiring process comprises a thorough review of each candidate's previous performance, references, and industry-specific expertise. The platform also assesses applicants' soft skills and leadership talents, as well as their ability to interact with early-stage enterprises. Our thorough vetting procedure guarantees that each candidate provided to customers is an outstanding fit for the post.


Employing a CRO is a necessary investment for early-stage venture capital firms wanting to accelerate revenue development for their portfolio businesses. While hiring a CRO might be difficult, there are alternatives that can make the process easier and more successful. Flywheel is the greatest option for early-stage venture capital companies looking to recruit a CRO since it offers a thorough vetting procedure that assures the perfect fit for the post. While typical CEO search agencies and fractional CROs may be less expensive, they may not have the same degree of experience or passion to the success of your portfolio companies.

Flywheel's team of seasoned private equity and venture capital investors understands the specific challenges of early-stage firms and has devised a methodology that guarantees only the best-fit candidates are given to clients. Early-stage venture capital companies may use Flywheel's service to find top-quality CRO candidates who have been properly vetted and curated for their unique needs.

Furthermore, Flywheel's service provides continuing assistance to ensure the success of the CRO placement. The team collaborates closely with customers and applicants to guarantee a seamless onboarding process, continuous support for the CRO, and regular check-ins to verify the CRO is fulfilling expectations.

To summarize, employing a CRO is a key investment for early-stage venture capital firms trying to accelerate revenue development for their portfolio companies. While hiring a CRO might be difficult, there are alternatives that can make the process easier and more successful. Utilizing a service like Flywheel gives early-stage venture capital companies access to top-quality CRO candidates that have been properly vetted and tailored for their unique needs. Early-stage venture capital firms may be certain that they are making the greatest investment in their portfolio businesses by utilizing Flywheel's service.

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