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Best and Brightest Artificial Intelligence Startups Backed by Venture Capital

After OpenAI shook the world in early December of 2022, showing everybody just how advanced artificial intelligence has gotten, how dynamic it is, and how easily it can replace mundane tasks that humans shy away from, artificial intelligence has become the topic of discussion into where it is going, and how it can be utilized for every industry. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ten venture financings into startups utilizing artificial intelligence as a core piece of their value proposition, as well as how much they’ve raised, and from who (showing you who believes in their product, and whose expertise they will be assisted by).


Frame AI’s “customer intelligence platform” gathers a company’s customer data by integrating with its customer relationship management platform, chatbots and anywhere else the company interacts with customers. The software can also obtain data through integrations with data warehouses.

Once the information is decoded with natural language processing, the platform can provide companies with actionable data about their customers’ experiences. This data can help businesses understand which areas of the customer experience are satisfactory or unsatisfactory, with the ability to break the data down by region. Companies can also create automations based on Frame AI’s data analysis.


Runway is building the next generation of creative tools that makes machine learning easy and accessible for all types of creatives. With an active and growing community, Runway is pioneering how content and media are created. With a focus on video automation and synthetic media, Runway reduces the costs of creating visual media across creative industries.

Vevo Therapeutics

Vevo Therapeutics is a biotechnology company using its in vivo drug discovery platform and next generation AI models to uncover better drugs for more patients. The company's Mosaic platform is the first to make in vivo data generation scalable, with single-cell precision, to capture in vivo context of disease at the first step of drug discovery and to better represent patient diversity in drug response over current in vitro assays. Vevo is using Mosaic to build the world's largest in vivo atlas of how drugs interact with patient cells and training AI models on its data to find novel targets and drugs undetectable by other technologies.


NotCo, a food tech company with a first-of-its-kind patented A.I. technology, Giuseppe, announced it has closed $70M in new funding as a Series D1. The new capital will catapult the company's new B2B Unit which will enable other CPG brands, ingredient suppliers and technology providers to leverage Giuseppe for their own innovation purposes and exponentially accelerate the transformation of the plant-based industry. NotCo will continue to operate its branded business, NotCo Food, offering products like NotMilk™, NotBurger™ and NotChicken™ through retail and food service businesses nationwide.

Owl Labs

Owl Labs, a startup building AI-powered, 360-degree video conferencing solutions, announced a $25 million Series C investment and a strategic partnership with HP, bringing the company's total funding to over $47 million.


Ixana, a wearable hardware company developing high-speed human-computer interfaces, has closed $3 million in seed funding and is backed by Uncorrelated Ventures, Samsung Next, Evonexus, Paradigm Shift and Hack VC.

Ixana's 100X efficient YR11 chip empowers Human-Computer Interfaces such as Augmented Reality (AR) headsets with, all-day battery-life, wire-free experience, and high-speed, real-time AI capability.


Namecoach software embeds accurate, context-aware audio name pronunciation buttons in the tools people use everyday, enabling users to pronounce any name with ease and confidence. By providing buttons in systems including Salesforce (see video), Canvas, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook and Google Workspace, Namecoach serves educators, sales reps, customer support agents, call centers, recruiters, and HR departments for corporate diversity, inclusion and belonging.


Spot AI was formed by engineers from Stanford, Cisco Meraki, and Samsara. The company is on a mission to create a safer and smarter physical world with the power of sight. With an AI camera system, Spot AI makes video footage actionable to help companies improve their security, safety, efficiency and customer experience.


Zest AI makes the power of machine learning safe to use in credit underwriting, helping lenders make better decisions and better loans -- increasing revenue, reducing risk, and automating compliance. Zest AI was founded in 2009 with the mission of making fair and transparent credit available to everyone and is now one of the fastest-growing fintech software companies.

Buzz Solutions

Buzz Solutions is a startup company safeguarding the world's energy infrastructure by providing AI-powered predictive analytics and actionable insights from infrastructure inspections. The company enables field teams to perform the prioritized maintenance in a timely manner reducing the likelihood of wildfires, forced shutdowns, and power outages resulting from failed grid infrastructure. Buzz has worked with several large utilities across North America, including the New York Power Authority and Newfoundland Power.

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